The conference

The high-level conference “Power from Statistics: delivering the evidence of tomorrow” will bring together eminent representatives of different perspectives of society during two intensive days, for a forward-looking and critical discussion on what the future needs for evidence to inform policy would be, and how these information needs could be met by the European official statistics community of tomorrow. It addresses statistical evidence in fields such as migration, globalisation, sustainability, and new economic and business models. The key input to the conference, the Power from Statistics Outlook Report, contains articles in these domains written by the participant to the Power from Statistics Round Tables.

The conference will take place in Brussels, and will run for two consecutive days, starting in the morning of 18 October 2017 and ending in the afternoon of 19 October 2017.

Registration is closed, but the conference will be broadcast live via webstreaming. Moreover, the conference app will permit any webstreaming viewer to comment, post questions and react to the proposals of the panels.