Guidance report

The ‘Power from Statistics’ initiative, jointly organised by Eurostat and the European Political Strategy Centre, aims to determine which topics will be relevant to decision-makers and citizens in the future and how official statistics could best deliver information about them.

This Guidance Report is inspired by the ‘Power from Statistics Outlook Report’ (in which experts from various stakeholder groups set out their personal reflections and ideas on the future of European statistics) as well as by the high-level conference ‘Power from Statistics: delivering the evidence of tomorrow’, at which policymakers, journalists, business leaders, academics and official statisticians from all over Europe discussed the needs and challenges facing evidence-based policymaking.


Download the Guidance Report

Please note that in the Guidance Report:

  • all bullet points in the “highlights” and “keynote” boxes contain clickable links to videos from the conference
  • all items under the “further reading” headings contain clickable links to the corresponding Outlook Report articles